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We rally around the flag.

Signal Flags

International Maritime Signal Flags allow ships to communicate in the visual medium. Flags can have different meanings depending on whether they are flown alone or in sequence, and at what height they are flown. In the International Code of Signals flag-set there is a flag for each letter and a pennant for each number, as well as 3 substitute flags and a Code/Answer pennant, for a total of 40 flags. In the NATO flag-set there are 26 letter flags, 10 number flags, 10 number pennants, 4 substitute flags, and a flag for common maneuvers. In total there are 68 different flags.

Flag Name Meaning
ICS_Alpha.svg Alpha A
ICS_Bravo.svg Bravo B
ICS_Charlie.svg Charlie C
ICS_Delta.svg Delta D
ICS_Echo.svg Echo E
ICS_Foxtrot.svg Foxtrot F
ICS_Golf.svg Golf G
ICS_Hotel.svg Hotel H
ICS_India.svg India I
ICS_Juliet.svg Juliett J
ICS_Kilo.svg Kilo K
ICS_Lima.svg Lima L
ICS_Mike.svg Mike M
ICS_November.svg November N
ICS_Oscar.svg Oscar O
ICS_Papa.svg Papa P
ICS_Quebec.svg Quebec Q
ICS_Romeo.svg Romeo R
ICS_Sierra.svg Sierra S
ICS_Tango.svg Tango T
ICS_Uniform.svg Uniform U
ICS_Victor.svg Victor V
ICS_Whiskey.svg Whiskey W
ICS_X-ray.svg Xray X
ICS_Yankee.svg Yankee Y
ICS_Zulu.svg Zulu Z
ICS_Pennant_One.svg One 1
ICS_Pennant_Two.svg Two 2
ICS_Pennant_Three.svg Three 3
ICS_Pennant_Four.svg Four 4
ICS_Pennant_Five.svg Five 5
ICS_Pennant_Six.svg Six 6
ICS_Pennant_Seven.svg Seven 7
ICS_Pennant_Eight.svg Eight 8
ICS_Pennant_Niner.svg Nine 9
ICS_Pennant_Zero.svg Zero 0
320px-ICS_Repeat_Two.svg First Substitute First Substitute
320px-ICS_Repeat_One.svg Second Substitute Second Substitute
320px-ICS_Repeat_Three.svg Third Substitute Third Substitute
ICS_Answer.svg Code / Answer Code / Answer
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